Survey and interactive map close as the end of May

The survey and interactive map that allow online input about bicycling and walking in Portage County will both close at the end of the month. If you would like to complete the survey or add comments to the interactive map, be sure to do so before midnight on May 31.

The interactive map is available here.

The survey is available here.

There will be opportunities for further public comment at future meetings – stay tuned to this blog for meeting dates and other updates about the plan.


May Steering Committee Meeting Summay

Staff from Portage County Planning and Zoning and Toole Design Group met with the Technical, Urban and Rural Steering Committees during the week of May 13. The meetings were designed to review work that has already been completed for the plan, to provide an overview of fieldwork being conducted, and to foster discussion about bicycling and walking facilities and destinations in each of the regions.

Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee is comprised of staff and officials from Portage County, Stevens Point, Plover and other communities in Portage County. The meeting focused on discussion of upcoming street and road projects and their impacts on bicycling and walking, as well as existing plans for bicycling and walking facilities that are not currently scheduled for development. The Technical Advisory Committee met for the first time on May 14th. The committee got to work immediately by providing important background information on both current and upcoming projects. One of the projects whose status was covered in a fair amount of detail was Division Street (currently in the early design phase). The committee directed the Toole Design team to several locations to field evaluate with many of the locations located in the transition between the urban area and the rural parts of the county.

Urban Steering Committee

The Urban Steering Committee meeting focused on discussions of particular problem areas for bicycling and walking in the Stevens Point Urban Area and how to better connect destinations for pedestrians and bicyclists. Tom Huber of Toole Design Group discussed incoming results of the interactive mapping site established for the plan. Generalized results were presented for the map (the public is  invited to contribute additional comments). The committee offered suggestions on additional problem areas that should be evaluated. In a general fashion, the committee also recommended bicycle and pedestrian solutions for street segments and intersections.

The presentation from the Urban Steering Committee meeting is available here (2mb PDF).

Rural Steering Committee

The Rural Steering Committee meeting focused on discussions of particular problem areas for bicycling and walking in Portage County outside the Stevens Point Urban Area. The discussion was particularly focused on access to the numerous villages and County parks in Portage County and how to better connect these destinations for pedestrians and bicyclists. After a quick overview of responses from the public on problems and bicycle routing in the rural part of the county, the committee made dozens of recommendations on connections between the county’s villages, rural parks and the Stevens Point Urban Area. The committee’s recommendations consisted of which roads are currently suitable and well used for connections today and which ones were still important connections, but needing improvements. A considerable number of suggestions were offered for recreational-focused connections in the glacial areas of the county and into Waupaca County. The meeting ended with a number of comments on hiking on the Ice Age Trail and the importance of accommodating pedestrians on rural roads.

The presentation from the Urban Steering Committee meeting is available here (2mb PDF).

Upcoming Steering Committee Packets Now Available

Packets for the upcoming meetings of the Rural, Urban and Technical Committee meetings are now available at the links below. The packets include the meeting agenda, minutes from the last meeting and other attachments that will be discussed at each meeting.

The meeting times and locations are: