March 6 Steering Committee Meetings Summary

Meetings were held for the Urban and Rural Steering Committees on March 6 at the Portage County Annex Building. The meetings were well attended by committee members, and a few members of the public were in attendance at each meeting. A brief outline of the meetings based on the agenda is provided below.

Summary of the Public Workshop

  • Tom Huber of Toole Design Group provided an overview of the Public Workshop sessions held on February 28. Approximately 28 people attended the sessions throughout the day, and sessions focused on pedestrian issues, bicycling and Safe Routes to School (SRTS), and health and wellness, education, encouragement and enforcement. Each session allowed for active discussions among participants, and comments were informative and wide ranging. The comments made during the session will help inform the final plan recommendations.
  • Ryan Garcia of SAA Design Group and Tom Huber provided an overview of the SRTS work that has been done to date. Audits of the grounds and neighborhoods around each Portage County school have been performed to assess bicycling and walking conditions. Preliminary recommendations to improve conditions are being formed and will be presented to the Steering Committees at the next round of meetings for feedback and suggestions. The presentation Ryan presented is available here (768k PDF).
  • Tom discussed the methodology that will be used to determine and assess bicycle and pedestrian networks in Portage County. The work that has been performed for the SRTS audits will provide a wealth of information about both networks, particularly in the urban area. In the urban area, the focus will be on arterial and collector streets and nearby neighborhood streets, while the focus in the rural areas of the county will primarily be on county highways. The consultant team will be spending time in Portage County in early May to assess bicycling and walking conditions.
  • There was a general discussion of bicycling and walking conditions in the urban and rural areas of the county.

A date has not been determined for the next round of Steering Committee meetings – stay tuned to this blog for updates!


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