Plan Workshop – Get Involved!

What: A workshop to gain local knowledge and information about bicycling and walking in the area. The workshop will include group discussions targeted at specific topics related to bicycling and walking, as well as opportunities for general discussions and input about bicycling and walking.

When: Thursday, February 28 (see below for the full schedule)

Where: Conference Rooms 1&2, 1462 Strongs Ave, Stevens Point, WI 54481

An informational flier and agenda for the workshop can be downloaded here (123KB PDF).

People interested in participating are encouraged to attend any or all of the sessions. The workshop is designed to encourage participation, and participants may pop in and out of the workshop as they have time available.

RSVP is requested, but not required, to help plan for the workshop. Please call or e-mail Sarah Wallace in the Portage County Planning & Zoning Department:

  • 715-346-1334

Workshop Schedule

The daytime portion of the workshop is divided into three primary time blocks with two sessions occurring concurrently in each block.

10:00am – 10:20am

  • Opening Session
    The Opening Session will provide a brief overview of the Portage County Bicycle & Pedestrian plan and the day’s schedule. You do not need to attend the Opening Session to attend other sessions throughout the day.

10:30am – Noon

  • Session A: Pedestrian Mobility
    This session will focus on pedestrian mobility issues in Portage County – both in urban and rural areas. The session may be split into urban and rural sub-sessions if there is enough interest from participants. The discussion will focus on existing pedestrian mobility issues including access to destinations, access to transit, presence of sidewalks and other issues.
  • Session B: Bicycling & Walking Near UW-SP
    This session will focus on bicycling and walking in the area surrounding and including the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. In particular, the session will focus on the ease and perceived safety of accessing campus on bicycle or foot from surrounding neighborhoods.

Noon – 1:15pm Lunch Break (on own)

1:15pm – 2:45pm

  • Session A: Safe Routes to School
    Safe Routes to School is a national movement and program to promote walking and bicycling to school. This session will focus on concerns about walking and biking to schools in Portage County, both in the urban and rural areas. The session will not focus on specific schools (although specific examples may be used), but rather on community-wide issues.
  • Session B: All-Purpose Cycling
    This session will focus on the broad range of cycling available in Portage County. The session will include discussion of recreational cycling for all groups, but will focus on road cycling. Issues to be discussed include conflicts in the urban areas, transitioning from urban to rural areas, conflicts in the rural areas, and preferred places to ride.

3:00pm – 4:30pm

  • Session A: Addressing Health & Wellness Through Active Transportation
    This session will focus on the general health and wellness benefits that bicycling and walking provide to a community. Specific items for discussion will include how to promote active transportation in Portage County and how to create Active Communities in Portage County.
  • Session B: Enforcement & Education
    This session will focus on the enforcement of the rules of the road for all users – motor vehicle operators, bicyclists and pedestrians. Topics for discussion will include enforcement actions against activities that are  particularly harmful to bicyclists and pedestrians and how to better educate Portage County street users about their rights and responsibilities.

6:30pm – 8:30pm

  • Public Session
    A general session about bicycling and walking in Portage County will be held in the evening. All of the topics covered in sessions during the day will be available for discussion, and there may be break-out sessions for specific topics if there is interest. Small group activities will be held to solicit input about a range of bicycling and walking issues in the County. People are encouraged to attend this session if they cannot attend the daytime sessions, but also if they can attend the daytime sessions as the discussions may diverge from the earlier discussions.

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