Tuesday Night’s Meeting

Our first meeting of the Steering Committees met last night with great representation from all Committees and the general public.  One Steering Committee member and Head of Pokey Pedaling Stevens Point blog has a great post summarizing all that went on.  Please check it out here.

Thanks to all that participated! Next Meeting Dates coming soon.


Tom Huber and Kevin Luecke of Toole Design Group made a presentation during the Joint Steering Committee meeting. A PDF of the presentation slides is available by clicking here (967KB PDF).


One thought on “Tuesday Night’s Meeting

  1. Thanks for linking to my writeup at Poky Pedaling Stevens Point.

    I write on a variety of bikey topics on my blog: from Bike Fun announcements and write-ups (in warmer weather) to local bicycle infrastructure critiques (good and bad) to advocacy items which help Poky Pedalers learn of opportunities for expressing their opinions on bicycling in the Stevens Point/Whiting/Plover urban area.

    The PPSP webpage also includes a link to my Twitter feed, where I provide content links to bikey news and commentary written by other bloggers concerning Wisconsin issues, national issues, and even bicycle perspectives from other countries.

    If you head over to the PPSP webpage, I invite you to explore past blog posts and other info on the site. You might even discover that you are a Poky Pedaler yourself.

    In the spring, I will unveil the 2013 Bike Fun Calendar full of (always FREE!) slow urban rides from May through October. You can read Bike Fun Reports from the 2012 Poky Pedals (under the Poky Pedals menu bar item) to get a better idea of what Bike Fun is about. You might even be inspired to join in the Bike Fun (once the snow melts away.)

    PPSP provides many opportunities to share Bike Fun, but it also serves to educate and inspire Poky Pedalers to act so as to improve the quality of bicycle transportation in our local urban area.

    As a member of the Urban Steering Committee, I look forward to making useful contributions to the Portage County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. And I feel that the more input we get from Poky Pedalers, the better our final plan will be.

    Bob Fisch
    Chief Bike Fun Officer
    Poky Pedaling Stevens Point

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